About BTB

About BTB BV

Van den Berg's Technische Bedrijven B.V.” is manufacturer of tooling and precision instruments of the highest standard, a dedicated partner for its customers with more than 60 years of experience and as such providing the highest degree of reliability within a reasonable delivery period and against a reasonable price.

With that BTB ensures the traditional company objectives such as continuity and profitability are guaranteed.

BTB maintains a modern machine shop of CNC machines complemented with a range of conventional equipment.

Our CNC equipment works within a computer network which provides among other things for CAD/CAM facilities.

BTB have the capability to transfer and receive data in a variety of industry standard formats i.e. .dxf .dwg with STEP AP 210 data exchange a possibility in the future .

BTB specializes in the manufacture of aircraft components and ground support equipment for aircraft maintenance but is also active in other markets, we produce several machine components and stamping parts for other industries such as the lighting and packaging industries.

In short, we produce precision machined products manufactured and finished to exacting standards, in a range of metals and plastics.

Brothers Jan-Karel and Willem van den Berg founded “ Van den Berg's Technische Bedrijven B.V .” in the town of Venlo situated in the South East of The Netherlands in 1945. Jan-Karel with his technical background naturally assumed responsibility for production, whereas Willem undertook the companies sales and administrative roles.

In 1957 the company relocated to its present Facilities in Naarden approximately 25 Km East of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

In July 1986 the company came under its present management.

The quality system used by BTB is in conformity with AS/EN 9100 standards and guarantees the continuity and development of our business practices and processes.

BTB prides itself in its ability to keep pace with technical and technological developments and as such is able to continually provide our customers with innovative solutions to their needs.

Van den Berg's Technische Bedrijven | P.o. box 5035, 1410AA Naarden | Tel: 035 - 694 50 10 | Fax: 035 - 694 75 54 | info@btb.nl