Our strenght

The strenght of BTB

BTB stands already for more than 70 years for quality in high precision products.

BTB is a relatively small organisation with a flat structure and short communication lines.

This states for efficiency, effectiveness and the possibility of rapid anticipating on changed requirements and/or wishes and circumstances.

The more than 70 years skill makes BTB very experienced in high percission work and reinforces the imagining oneself and thinking with capacity of BTB and its employees.

BTB is strong in making small serials and single parts  in metal and plastic if required with assembly and offers the possibility of reverse engineering.

BTB proves very short delivery periods and by tight monitoring of the overheads BTB without more competitive tariffs use.

"Impossibilities we do at once, Miracles take a little longer"

Van den Berg's Technische Bedrijven | P.o. box 5035, 1410AA Naarden | Tel: 035 - 694 50 10 | Fax: 035 - 694 75 54 | info@btb.nl